Designed with love by Céline Marks, woven with as much love by our weavers. This Berber rug lives up to its name! Tayri, love in Berber, will be the witness of precious moments spent around the coffee table of your living room, of animated dinners slipped under your dining room table or your kitchen.

And why not nestled at the foot of your bed?


Size: 180x250cm


Colors: Ecru with black diamonds

Natural colours. Undyed wool and clear. Ultra soft and fluffy. Thickness: 3-4 cm


Details: 100% wool. Hand-knotted by our beloved weavers.
Unique model. Only one piece available


TAYRI Berber rug available for pre-order. Order it in all serenity, we will immediately start the manufacturing. You will receive it within 8 to 10 weeks. Be reassured, we will keep you informed of its progress. When you love it, you don't count!

TAYRI By Céline Marks - Berber rug Beni Ouarain 180x250cm