A touch of pep's in his living room, in his bedroom or in his hallway. This magnificent AZILAL rug warms up and enhances every room in the house for a Bohemian Chic decoration!


Size: 143x125cm


Colours: Ecru with touches of pink, black and turquoise.


Details: 100% wool. Hand knotted by our beloved weavers.

Azilal Berber rug 143x125cm

  • The AZILAL rug originates from the province of Azilal in the EAST of Marrakech.


    Handwoven and knotted in pure sheep's wool by the weavers who put all their know-how and passion for their craft into the design of each rug. It is composed of a natural wool base and then enriched with very colourful motifs or letters according to the history and inspiration of the person who designs it. This makes them original and unique pieces.