On your bed for a warm, bohemian and chic room.

On your sofa, for a cocooning deco.

Or, on you, on cooler evenings.

This plaid will find its place in your home and its pompoms will make you fall for it.


Size: 2x3 m. Ideal for double beds.


Colour: Grey sublimated by pretty lines of silvery threads. Grey pompoms on both sides.


Details: 100% cotton. Hand woven by our beloved craftsmen.


Maintenance: Machine wash, delicate program

Grey Berber pompoms blanket MASSANA



    AUTHENTIC BERBER RUGS             




    chezmoiailleurs.com, it's handcrafted and trendy decoration. A wide choice of authentic quality Berber rugs, woven in accordance with local traditions and know-how. Beni Ouarain, Zanafi, Azilal or Boucherouite, each Berber rug has its own history and manufacturing technique. A style, a rug. And to each his own Berber rug! Do you want a rug adapted to your interior? We create the carpet of your dreams, made to measure, and it doesn't cost you more. Chez Moi Ailleurs, it is also traditional decoration for a unique and authentic decoration: mirrors, pompoms blankets, bags and baskets, leave room for the crush!

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