Evenings and nights are getting colder and colder? Do you need a nice, warmer pompoms blanket? This sublime wool pompoms blanket will be your best ally this winter. Used by Berber tribes in the Moroccan mountains to warm up. On the sofa, by the fire or under the bed, with him, you will never be cold again either.


Dimensions: 2.3 x 1.5 m


Colours: Black stripe ecru. Black pumps on both sides.


Composition: 100% wool. Hand woven by our beloved craftsmen.


Maintenance: Machine wash, whool program.

White & black Berber pompoms blanket SYNA



    AUTHENTIC BERBER RUGS             




    chezmoiailleurs.com, it's handcrafted and trendy decoration. A wide choice of authentic quality Berber rugs, woven in accordance with local traditions and know-how. Beni Ouarain, Zanafi, Azilal or Boucherouite, each Berber rug has its own history and manufacturing technique. A style, a rug. And to each his own Berber rug! Do you want a rug adapted to your interior? We create the carpet of your dreams, made to measure, and it doesn't cost you more. Chez Moi Ailleurs, it is also traditional decoration for a unique and authentic decoration: mirrors, pompoms blankets, bags and baskets, leave room for the crush!

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