A lover of Morocco.

A passionate of Deco.

And the deep desire to make you discover the exceptional craftsmanship of this country.

With the ultimate goal of enhancing the extraordinary know-how of the weavers who make quality Berber carpets with their hearts, while respecting local know-how.

Unique pieces, from Morocco to your home.

Justine, Founder of Chez Moi AIlleurs


A style for everyone


The sublime

The Berber carpet BENI OUARAIN is native to the
Middle Atlas and hand-woven by women weavers who put all their know-how and passion for their craft into the design of each carpet, which makes them original and unique pieces.

Originally, it was designed to cover the floors of Berber tents and protect them from the cold.

It now illuminates our interiors thanks to the whiteness of its wool and the elegance of its patterns.


The coloured one

The AZILAL Berber carpet originates from the province of Azilal in the east of Marrakech.

Hand woven and knotted in pure sheep's wool by the weavers who put all their know-how and passion for their craft into the design of each carpet.

It is composed of a natural wool base and then enriched with very colourful motifs or letters according to the history and inspiration of the person who designs it.

This makes them original and unique pieces.


The elegant

The Zanafi carpet is native to the High Atlas.

Hand woven like a kililm, it is distinguished by its black and white colours, and its geometric patterns are knotted, which adds relief to the carpet.

Made of wool or cotton, it brings a chic ethnic touch to your interior.


your berber carpet?

Berber carpets are generally made of wool and/or cotton, the quality of which has been particularly selected.  That's why they don't require much maintenance. Vacuum the carpet from time to time to keep it clean.  In case of stain, clean it with Marseille soap and let it dry.